FAQ: What is human hair blend?

What does "human hair blend" really mean?

Some brands call it Human Hair Stylemix, others call it Premium Mix, Designer Mix, the list goes on. However, despite the many names they all refer to one hair type: Human Hair Blend. So what exactly is "human hair blend", the answer is really quite simple.

A human hair blend wig is a mix of both human and synthetic hair. The ratio of fibres vary between manufacturers. Some wigs may have a 50/50 blend while others may have a 70/30 ratio.

In any case, the combination of human and synthetic hair makes for a stronger, more durable and versatile wig. Human hair (also including Remi or Remy) is soft and supple. As it's natural hair, it can be washed, dyed and styled with heat. On its own, it's great. It doesn't become easily tangled or stiff and lasts longer than a pure synthetic wig.

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is renowned for being ready to wear straight out of the box. A massive plus is that it retains a curl pattern easily and with tongable fibres you can create your own curls that will hold their shape over time. So you can have those glamorous barrel curls with no worry of dropped curls by the end of the evening! Also with synthetic you can have bold colours that are vibrant and will stay vibrant. So synthetic fibres are more versatile than human hair fibres. Finally, it is easy to create different types of textures with synthetic fibres, from silky to kinky afro. Combine these amazing features with the strength and softness of human hair and boom! you have a fabulous combo.

So, the next time you come across a human hair blend wig, bear in mind two things. First, the word "blend" always implies a mix of human and synthetic hair. Second, there a multiple benefits of a hybrid wig: soft, manageable, natural looking hair coupled with versatility, colour vibrancy and strength. Wouldn't you say that these are ideal qualities for a wig?

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