An interview with the smouldering hot wig diva - Dany Dants Diva

Brazil - the home of smooth curves of all sorts including the prized Brazilian hair. It is from this rich heritage that our stunning wig Diva, Dany Dants comes. Read on to find out more about why she wears wigs.


WIGgIT: Where in Brazil are you from and what is your profession?

Dany Dants: I'm from Sao Paolo and I am a dentist by trade. Now I live in Germany with my family.

WIGgIT: So, how come you started wearing wigs?

Dany Dants: Well, it all started in 2013 when my sister was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair. It was a really traumatic experience and I wanted to support her as much as possible, so I started researching wigs. I was surprised to find out that so many celebrities wear wigs all the time for fashion, so I decided to take the plunge and I bought 2 units - one for my sister and one for me so that I could support her. I was smitten. It has been a crazy love ever since. To be honest, wigs have been my salvation because I have been able to give my own hair a break from all the dyes and chemicals that I had used which had damaged it.

WIGgIT: Which is your all time favourite wig?

Dany Dants: Definitely Bea, by Mane Concept. Gives me all those Kardashian vibes.

WIGgIT: Do you prefer human hair or synthetic wigs?

Dany Dants: I love both. I tend not to use human hair wigs that much because you have to give them as much tlc as you would your own hair and you have to spend a lot of time styling them. Also, when you dye them there is always a certain element of damage to the strands. That said, I have to admit that they always look stunning. With synthetic hair you have total freedom. Everything is ready to go: the colour, the style, the curl pattern.

WIGgIT: Your makeup always looks stunning, how did you learn?

Dany Dants: As most girls, I was self-taught. But I wanted to get better, so I went to beauty school in Sao Paolo to perfect my techniques.

WIGgIT: What advice would you give someone choosing a wig for the first time?

Dany Dants: Well it obviously depends on the purpose. If it is for every day wear, then I would say that it is probably best to start with the straight or silky ones because they tend to tangle less and are easier to manage. Then when you acquire more confidence go for the curly ones; diva style! Obviously, curly ones are great for every day use, but you do need to be careful not to tangle it.

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Elis mimoso

May 20, 2017

Ela arrasa! Gostaria de adquirir está lace q a Dani dants está usando como faço Dani dants 5

Andrea Santos de carvalho

September 28, 2017

Quero comprar a lace front Índia Danidantysdiva


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