Protective styles that damage your hair

Why do protective styles damage your hair?

We all love switching up our looks with fabulous protective styles, but are these styles so protective as they claim? How can “protective” styles damage our hair?

In this blog post, we discuss how to protect your hair when protective styling.
What is a protective” style? Protective styles are any type of style or extension that protects hair from breakage, especially the the ends of our hair. They may also serve to give our hair a break from constant manipulation. Common forms of protective styling includes, braids, twists, locs and wigs. Even though protective styles help to promote hair growth, they can also be damaging when not looked after or installed properly.

5 ways “protective styles” damage hair

Hair Condition Matters

Cause: The condition of your hair before an installation will determine the condition of your hair once it is taken out. If your hair already needs some TLC before installing protective styles, it's more vulnerable to damage. This is because the hair strands are weaker and more prone to breakage. So for example, while wigs are great for giving your hair a rest from manipulation, using wig combs on weak hair will cut the hair.

Prevention: Deep condition and moisturize your hair before installing any style. Show it some love! Treat your hair right with a routine of cleansing, conditioning, and regular trims. Make sure your hair is in a healthy state before installing protective styles so that you can maximize hair growth!

Traction Alopecia

Cause: Excessive tension and pulling while installing protective styles can lead to hair loss and shedding which may cause traction alopecia. Tight braids or locs that tug on the roots, or micro braids which apply a lot of tension to a few strands of hair are common causes of traction alopecia.

Prevention: Make sure to tell the hairdresser if the braid is tight. Tight braids don’t last longer!

Lack of Moisture

Cause: If your hair is not well-hydrated before installation, you may get unwanted damage, shedding and breakage. This is because some styles “suffocate” the hair strands. This can cause hair to dry out, leading to breakage. Be wary of styles that reduce moisture to the strands. Styles, like wrapped faux locs.

Prevention: Why not try soft hollow locs, like the Bobbi Boss Bomba Faux Locs Soul, which is a much lighter crochet locs alternative to faux locs that allows moisture to reach your hair. Also, keep that moisture balance in check and nourish your scalp for a healthy and happy hair journey.

Weight of the extensions

Cause: Protective hairstyles like braids or twists may involve adding extensions to natural hair. This can sometimes weigh down the hair and cause tension at the roots. If hair strands are already weak, this may also lead to hair breakage and damage at the roots.

Prevention: Spend a little more and opt for lightweight braiding extension options like the Bobbi Boss Pre-feathered HB001 braiding hair to reduce the weight and tension of braids and twists on the roots. You be glad in the long run.

Takedown Troubles

Cause: When taking out protective styles, combing through knots or matted areas of hair can rip out healthy hair which causes hair loss. Gentle removal of styles is key to preventing breakage and preserving your hair's strength.

Prevention: Say farewell to your protective style without causing unnecessary breakage. Make sure you take your time and are gentle in the take-down process. Patience pays off! Spray a little water and/or apply a wash out conditioner on your hair before slowly separating any matted areas or knots will save you from hair loss.


There you have it, hair lovers! With these tips in your arsenal, you can rock those protective styles without compromising the health of your fabulous hair. Remember, your hair deserves all the care and attention in the world. So go ahead, slay those styles, and keep your mane glowing with love and vitality!

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