Interview: Straight up and honest - Jade Gabriell


Known for her straight up, honest reviews, she's an English girl with a penchant for Blonde. That's Jade Gabriell.

Jade Gabriell is a growing light in the vlogging community. Find out what led her to start wearing wigs and share her journey with us all. A St. Lucian baby, born and raised in the UK, Jade like many afrolistas before her, wore her hair relaxed. All that changed in December 2015.


WIGgIT: Why did you start wearing wigs?

Jade Gabriell: It was literally an experiment that became a passion. RCP4402 Dolly Wig Mane Concept Jade GabriellInspired by my sister's transition from relaxed to natural, I decided to take the plunge and go natural in December 2015 and cut my hair off. While I was pleased with my teeny weeny fro, I enjoy being able to "switch my hair up", so I bought my first two wigs to see what they would be like and I was smitten. At first, I felt as though everybody could tell I was wearing a wig, but then I realised that actually wasn't true, none of my friends even realised till I told them. Now, I switch up my look based on my mood and my outfit. Sometimes I go grocery shopping in pink hair just because I feel like it. It's so liberating to be able to change up my look without ruining my natural hair. Life is too short to have boring hair.

WIGgIT: What do your friends, family and colleagues think of you wearing wigs?

Jade Gabriell: My family is relieved that I have stopped doing crazy things with my relaxed hair and that I use protective styling instead. We’re all natural now and I’ve become the wig guru of my family. My friends and colleagues, on the other hand, took time to cotton on that my hair hadn't just grown overnight by some miracle or that I had not just had a major haircut. They love the ever changing me and word has it that they wouldn't mind trying a wig or two!

WIGgIT: Why did you start vlogging?

Jade Gabriell: I always had a passion for blogging and naturally, I wanted to review my first wigs, but it was really difficult to compare one wig with another using just words and pictures, so with my sisters’ encouragement, I decided to start vlogging. My first YouTube video (a review of the wig I wore for my wedding) was uploaded in 2016 after I moved to the States and I have been addicted ever since. I love sharing my finds with my viewers and it has been such a great experience to be a part of the YouTube community.

WIGgIT: How did you end up in the States and what do you like the most?

Jade Gabriell: I moved for love, my husband is American and we decided to settle over here. What I love most about America is the diversity, I’ve lived in New York, Florida, Maryland and Virginia, and visited many more states, and each has their own unique charm and not to mention delicious food.

WIGgIT: Which is better human or synthetic?

Jade Gabriell: For affordability, I would definitely say synthetics. They are very natural nowadays and if they’re looked after can last a long time. Besides, with a wig addiction like mine, I would have had to spend thousands to get the same collection that I have now in synthetics.

WIGgIT: What type of wigs do you recommend?

Jade Gabriell: I would definitely say swiss lace wigs because they are kind to the skin and edges. Hard lace is great for styling because it doesn’t lift up as easily, but soft swiss lace is my favourite for everyday wear. When it comes to style, there is no right or wrong, but I would always say to have a little fun and step out of your comfort zone, do something a little different, after all, if you don't like the look, you can always "switch it up".

WIGgIT: Do you have a favourite wig?

Jade Gabriell: No, I like changing up my look too much to just pick one, but I do think that Mane Concept is slaying styles and colours right now, I love their blonde and oil slick shades.

WIGgIT: Do you think that Blonde suits Black people?

Jade Gabriell: Absolutely! There is a shade of Blonde for every skin tone. I love the platinum blonde trend that black women are rocking at the moment.

WIGgIT: What can we expect to see this year on your channel?

Jade Gabriell: More affordable reviews, styling tutorials, fashion looks and makeup tutorials! I’ve also started making my own wigs again and I’ve got some exciting D.I.Y celebrity hairstyles coming very soon!

Click here to watch more of Jade Gabriell's YouTube channel.

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Tracie King

August 01, 2018

Hi Jade, I am new to wearing wigs and have just bought my first 2 synthetic ones. I love them on but although I’m wearing a cap underneath my wig I find the cap sometimes rides up and my wig doesn’t feel safe to go out in as it can move. Do you have any suggestions for what I should do? The wig doesn’t feel big when I put it on but it’s once I’m wearing it I can feel it move slightly. I have Cancer and although I’ve lost a lot of my hair I still have some clumps here and there. Many Thanks Tracie Devon xxxxxxx

Jade Gabriell

August 03, 2018

Hi Tracie, I recommend using a wig grip! I love mine. Essentially it’s a velvet head band that prevents your wig from slipping and protects sensitive hairlines (like mine). I never wear the combs in my wigs and I feel secure enough with the wig grip. Hope that helps!! Wiggit stock them btw xxx


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