Men’s Braids Styles: Is protective styling only for women?

From braids to cornrows, twists to locs; men continue to embrace and experiment with their natural hair texture and styles. Protective styles for men are coming back with force after years of close cuts being the go to style for men. Celebrities like ASAP Rocky, Pop Smoke and Luka Sabbat have been known to wear their hair in protective styles which has contributed to the popularization of their signature hair styles.

As the weather is getting colder, it is important for men also, to look after their hair. Cold weather can suck out the moisture in Afro hair textures, which can lead to damage and breakage. That sounds like an opportunity to step up your grooming game! Protective styles are fairly low maintenance once they are installed and adding a bit of braiding hair helps them last longer. Who says protective styling is only for women?

asap rocky


Box Braids

Worn by the likes of ASAP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar, these box braids are a quick style that can be installed to protect your hair. These box braids are done by sectioning and plaiting your own hair, securing the ends with a rubber band. The style is versatile and can be worn in a bun, down or in a low pony tail.tapered locs


Short Locs

Tapered locs are for those looking for an effortless look. They are fairly low maintenance when installed and are ideal for those with very short to medium length hair. During the colder months, make sure to spray your hair with water and oil it, in order to keep your hair moisturized.



Cornrows with Fade

Cornrows with a fade are one of the most in demand hairstyles this year. The style is perfect for those who are trying to grow out the top part of the hair and can be made to last longer by using braiding hair. Tip: Try wearing a durag to preserve the style!


Black Man with twists




Like box braids, twists are a quick an easy hairstyle to achieve. Section your hair into equal parts in order to get the best results.


spider braids



Spider Braids

Spider Braids are an interesting variation of your traditional cornrows. They involve cornrowing your hair in 8 cornrows, starting from the center of your head and braiding outwards. This bold style is supposed to imitate the look of a spider, with the braids being the spider’s legs.


Man with locs


Locs have long been a long-term protective style. Your hair will naturally loc if it isn’t maintained which means that once your hair is loc’d, it is very difficult to comb out, making it an irreversible style! Use faux locs to achieve the same look that you can switch up when you want.

man with cornrow ponytail



Cornrow Ponytail

This cornrow ponytail style can be achieved with or without extension hair, depending on the length of your natural hair. This style is a good way to protect the ends of your hair from the harsh elements in colder weather.


man with beads

Braids with Beads

Rappers like Lil Yachty, are famous for their signature colorful braids and beads. With coloured braiding hair, you can acheive new colours without the need of dyeing your hair.


pop smoke braids



Pop Smoke Braids

The late rapper, Pop Smoke, popularized his signature hairstyle of side cornrows, at the height of his music career.


man with finger coils



Finger Coils

Finger coils are another protective style that creates a loc effect finish. The style involves coiling the hair around a finger to create the style. The process is painless, quick and easy.


man with cornrows going all back


All Back Cornrows

All back cornrows are the perfect style for anyone trying to grow out their hair into an afro or for those wanting to simply protect their hair in a cool style. The late Nipsey Hustle, also popularized his signature, stylish hairstyle of these all back cornrows.


detailed cornrows


Intricate Cornrows

Cornrows are a timeless style that come back in many forms - one being intricate cornrows. Intricate cornrows allow the stylist’s creativity to truly show, by them creating different patterns, in the form of cornrows


man small braids


Small Plaits

Great for shorter hair, these small plaits are a long lasting style when used with extension hair.


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