Interview - Odette Young - The Secret of Eternal Youth and Beauty

She's in her fifties, but you wouldn't believe it. Smooth skin, radiant glow and hair always on point, Odette Young shares her secrets of eternal youth and fashion in your fifties.

WIGgIT: Where are you from?

Odette Young: I'm originally from Canada, but live in London now. I enjoy being in the UK because I love the green spaces and do lots of walking. Also, it's so easy to travel to other countries from here. I love exploring.

WIGgIT: How did you become a Vlogger?

Odette Young: Like most women, I love fashion, jewellery and makeup and most of all I love a bargain. I was looking for a hobby and thought that vlogging would be a great way to share my finds with others. I just try to create good, simple content around easy and affordable beauty and fashion.

WIGgIT: How do you find your bargains?

Odette Young: I do lot of searches online. Debenhams, Mark and Spencer Dorothy Perkins, New Look, River Island are some of my favourite stores to shop. I go through every page, and usually on the last pages you find great deals. People tend to look at the first few pages and stop there. I go through them all.

WIGgIT: How do you keep your skin looking so amazing?

Odette Young: I drink lots of water. I also have a bellicon so I do lots of rebounding and walking. I think that keeping active helps you sweat out those toxins and keeps the skin looking clear. I also try to find the right products for my skin and pamper it regularly with conditioning masks. Most importantly, I do not wear lots of makeup. I keep it minimal.

WIGgIT: When did you start wearing wigs and why?

Odette Young: I've been wearing wigs for a while now, since before I came to the UK. I'm into accessories and they are beautiful hair accessories much like anything else we wear.

Wearing a wig gives me a feeling of grace and confidence, plus it adds to my feel good factor. Don't get me wrong: I am confident and feel good with my natural hair, but I like to switch styles regularly, between curly, straight, short, natural etc and wigs let me do that. I just love it. Wigs don't define who I am - I wasn't born with a wig on - so, I do make sure that I look after my natural hair well. But, wigs are such a great accessory and people tend to notice your hair first and I so I love wearing them. I get so many compliments.

WIGgIT: How do you choose which wigs to buy?

Odette Young: I know the shape of my face, and short-medium wigs looks better on me. Maybe one day I will step out of my comfort zone and get a long one. Who knows?

WIGgIT: What is your all time favourite wig?

Odette Young: Copper by Bobbi Boss is my all time favourite.

WIGgIT: What advice would you give to other wig wearers?

Odette Young: Maintain your natural hair and skin healthy. Keep active and show that you love yourself with beautiful hair. I'm 53 and can assure you that life continues, so have some fun. Hair and fashion don't have to be expensive to be beautiful.

Have a look a Odette's channel to for more beauty tips and fashion bargains.

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