Why WIGgIT human hair crochet braids are the best

Why do some human hair extensions last for ages and others do not? Because not all human hair is created equal! The secret lies in the original quality of the hair, how the hair was collected, how much processing the hair undergoes, but above all, whether the cuticles are maintained and whether they are aligned. Cuticle aligned hair is considered to be of the finest quality and versatility. This is what we use for our human hair crochet braids. Only the best.

Which hair do you think will be better A or B?

Hair that is cuticle-aligned needs to be collected carefully.

What is the cuticle?

The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair shaft, composed of overlapping scales that flow in one direction. These tiny scales create a shiny shield that protects the hair, giving it a natural luster and sheen. WIGgIT human hair crochet braids use hair with the cuticles preserved.

What is cuticle aligned hair?

When cuticles run in different directions, the hair easily tangles and mattes, which lowers its quality and durability.

Cuticle aligned hair extensions keep the cuticles running in the same direction, which reduces matting and tangling and makes knots/tangles easy to comb out.
This is why our human crochet hair has a short joining string so that the human hair doesn’t fold on itself and the cuticles don’t become un-aligned. We wanted our human crochet hair to be cuticle aligned so that the cuticles wouldn’t interlock and tangle as well as to ensure the highest quality of human hair crochet!

The great thing about cuticle aligned hair is that can be washed, dyed and styled! Generally, with good care it can last several months (even years!).

Pros and cons of cuticle aligned hair



High quality hair.

Doesn’t matte or tangle easily

Easy to maintain

Can last several months with proper care

More expensive


Pros and cons of non-cuticle aligned hair




High in supply making it readily available

Easily tangles and mattes

Short life span

Doesn’t adapt as well to hair treatments

Hair becomes dry after washed


Why choose in cuticle aligned hair?

While cuticle aligned hair may be more of an investment, it is worth it and its good quality! Non-cuticle aligned hair may seem like it saves you money, but it may only last a few weeks before needing replacement. With proper care, cuticle aligned hair extensions can last a lot longer, which will have you looking good while saving a lot more money in the long run.

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June 01, 2023

Pls do you have black 100% human hair Crotchet ?
Do i have To buy it online or i can come To your shop ?


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