Crochet Hair? Ask Lia!

By now, we know the drill: initial review, then one week thoughts and a few weeks later...the final verdict.

If you want to know how your crochet hair will perform, then ask Lia. Known for her articulated critiques on crochet hair, Lia Lavon has become the go to channel for crochet hair buyers. How did it happen? We interviewed Lia to find out how she became such a success.

WIGgIT: Tell us a secret something about you...

Lia: I don't mind sharing: I'm 32 years old and have always lived in North Carolina. Love it here because you have the mountains, the beach and an airport nearby, so I can travel to where I want. I live by myself, but I'm definitely a family girl, my folks live nearby. Hmm, something you wouldn't know...Well, I like structure - you can tell from my reviews - but I love to goof around. In school I was nominated class clown, so much did I like goofing around. I have, in fact, enjoyed working that side of my personality into my IG content (@lialavon)

WIGgIT: When dd you start wearing crochet?

Lia: Growing up I used to wear braids and then post college, I wore wigs and half wigs. But in 2016, I discovered crochet and since then it has become my go to protective hairstyle. I was on a beach holiday with my best friend and she went into the water and her hair came out in tact. I, on the other hand, had a weave with leave-out and I came out of the water and the weave went one way and my hair went the other. So, I asked my friend what was the secret behind her hair and she said crochet and there my crochet journey began.

WIGgIT: Why did you start your channel?

Lia: I was so impressed by my first crochet that I just wanted the world to know about it. I didn't even have the right filming equipment. I just took my tablet and recorded my first video. Originally, it got about 2 views lol. I didn't have a plan, but I had so much fun editing my first video, that I just kept doing it.

WIGgIT: Why do you think that you have been successful?

Lia: Because what I do is unique: I love what I do and I keep it real. I wear my crochet for weeks. My audience knows that I am just like them and I want to keep my content authentic. I have a day job so I don't have to worry about sponsors and getting money from youtube - this means that I don't feel pressured to mislead my audience. I love it when my audience feeds back to me that they are checking out my videos as they shop. That's just such a great feeling.

WIGgIT: How would you define "good" crochet hair?

Lia: I'm not a morning person, so it has to be low maintenance: I gotta be able to get up, shake my hair and go! 

WIGgIT: There was a point where you were not feeling the love from the brands, how can brands support creators like you?

LIA:  I make videos because I love my audience and as a hobby, so I don't want to feel pressured by Brands to create based on their schedules. They need to value us, our time and our work. They need to be more inclusive by bringing people like us into the team when they are making marketing decisions. They need to properly measure the value that we add to their business and then by remunerate us adequately for our work. Rather than commissioning creators, collaborate with them by respecting their schedules and lives.

WIGgIT - Thank you Lia for taking the time to chat with us!

For Lia's comedy content visit her page on IG -
Watch Lia's Review on this hair:
Lia Lavon Gogo Curl Crochet Hair
Hair in the photo is Bobbi Boss Gogo Curl:

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