How to Maintain Human Hair Crochet Braids

If you maintain your human hair crochet braids well, they will last a long time.

Human hair extensions do not have the benefit of being nourished from the scalp, so the products that you use will determine how supple, bouncy and defined the curls are. Products especially designed for wigs and hair extensions will provide conditioning and nourishment without product build up that could weigh the hair down, or cause it to look flat. For pre-coloured extensions it is important to use products that will help protect and maintain the colour and they need more hydration.

To keep your hair looking nice, you should follow a daily, weekly and 3-4 weekly routine. For curly hair, there should be no need to brush the hair regularly; finger combing should be sufficient.

Products you will need:

DAILY CARE ROUTINE - Refresh & Maintain Curls

  1. Wrapping your hair with a silk scarf or using a silk bonnet before sleeping will reduce the tangling and dehydration of the hair. This one step will make daily care significantly easier.
  2. Moisten the hair by spraying with water.
  3. Finger comb and separate the strands by running your hands through the lightly damp hair and then,
  4. Spray with an weightless oil mist such as Oil-Liscious. Generally, products made with oils such as argan oil are generally designed to be more lightweight than products based around coconut oil.

WEEKLY ROUTINE - Smooth & Restore Curls

Once a week thoroughly smooth and detangle to eliminate frizz and restore bounce.

How to create defined curls step 1
1.Divide the hair into small sections.
How to create defined curls -step 2 2. Thoroughly wet the hair.
How to created defined curls - step 3 - detangle

3. Apply the detangling spray along the entire strand of hair.

4.Separate each loc at the roots. If required, detangle individual locs with your fingers to take out any knots. Depending on the finish that you desire, you may choose to gently detangle using a brush starting from the tips to the roots.

How to create defined curls - step 5 - prayer hands 5. Smooth the section using "prayer hands".
How to create defined curls step 6 - styler 6. Apply your styler of choice to create more or less defined curls. For super defined curls run the styler along each loc of hair.
7. Air dry.

3-4 WEEKLY - Cleanse & Create

How often you decide to wash your hair will depend on a) how much product you apply to your extensions and 2) how often you want to cleanse your scalp.

  1. Wet the hair and scalp with lukewarm water without rubbing/scrunching/scrubbing.
  2. Separate the hair along the braid tracks and apply the shampoo directly to the scalp. Gently massage the scalp without scrubbing.
  3. Wash the crochet hair by gentle scrunching. Do not rub the strands together or scrub against the scalp.
  4. Apply the conditioner.
  5. Rinse thoroughly by running water through the hair and scalp. Do not scrub.
  6. Follow steps of weekly routine.


If you choose to style your hair using heat this may permanently change the original curls of the hair. To reduce damage from heat styling, use a heat shield. Heat styling will reduce the lifespan of the hair. Cold setting may permanently change the curls of the hair, but generally does not create damage in the same way heat setting does.


It is not recommended to use diffuser or blowdryer to dry hair.

See a real life vlog on curl maintenance

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