"White Women Shouldn't Wear Wigs" - Myth

Talking to Miss Carly about wigs and beauty inspiration was a blast. I felt so positive and motivated about my own hair journey afterwards. So often we hear that white women fear that they won't look good in a wig, that perhaps white women shouldn't or can't wear wigs. Miss Carly feels differently. Here's why. Miss Carly is truly a dynamic, and energetic city girl with great joie de vivre. As a loyal and outspoken fan of wigs, she had some true gems of knowledge to share with us.


WIGgIT: Where are you from?

Miss Carly: I'm from Chicago, Illinois where I also work as a leasing agent. I absolutely love it here. The city has such a captivating, high energy, which I absorb into my creative self.


WIGgIT: What got you into wearing wigs?

Miss Carly: Well, about 5 years ago, I had bright red hair and I absolutely loved it! Then about a year later there was this craze about pastel coloured hair and I instantly craved that. I wanted a brilliant blonde shade, but of course, I couldn't dye my hair that easily - because it was bright red and I loved being a red head. Then one day, while watching beauty videos on YouTube, I stumbled across some wig videos. I had always thought that wigs were not an option for me because I assumed they were way too expensive. Then I saw one for about $40, which was exactly what I was looking for. So I ordered a bunch of wigs, in different colours and boom, I was hooked! I've become a daily wig wearer and it makes my life so much easier. My hair could never do what some of these wigs can do and I know that no matter what happens during the day, I'll look fabulous!


WIGgIT: Do you ever feel like you're a different person when you wear your wigs?

Miss Carly: Absolutely! Wigs definitely have their own personality. For example, I have this beautiful, silver bob wig - it's a perfect cut - and whenever I wear it, I feel so Vogue. I feel empowered, prestigious and so on top of my game. I think it's great that you can embody the style of whatever wig you wear.


WIGgIT: What do your family and friends think of you wearing wigs?

Miss Carly: They don't really think anything of it. The first time I ever wore a wig in public was at a family event. Obviously, I like my wigs but I was still a little hesitant. But anyway, I decided to wear a bright turquoise wig...and no one said a thing! Then I realised that my family just accepts that 'this is Carly, always experimenting with fashion and make-up.' So I thought to myself, why am I not wearing them everyday?! Since I wear a different wig about everyday, friends/co-workers say they are actually excited to see what wig I'll be wearing for the day.


WIGgIT: Why do you want to empower women to wear wigs?

BSB01 SpadeMiss Carly: It's really part of an empowerment movement. Much like rocking a shaved head in public. Wearing wigs is a form of art. Everyone has the right to be as fabulous as they want, every single day and I want people to do what makes them feel good. When you put on a good wig, you feel so good. I also really want to empower white women to wear wigs and to drop the stigma about them. I want them to realise that wigs don't have to look like 'old lady wigs'. Wigs give me my dream hair, style, and color in about a minute. I always say it seems silly for me to make this statement, but it's beyond true: My life has only amplified from being a daily wig wearer. I think people need to embrace how they view wigs because honestly speaking, wig life is the best life.




WIGgIT: What would you say people need to know about wigs that isn't widely known?

Miss Carly: Hmm...that's a hard question but the most common question I get about wigs is: Is it hot to wear? Or, do you sweat? The answer is no. I don't sweat anymore than I normally do and when the cap is comfortable, I often forget that I'm even wearing a wig. It genuinely becomes a part of me. To get comfortable with a new wig, I think it's a good idea to wear it around the house, or just to the grocery store. Sometimes you just have to let it soak in. It sometimes takes me a little time to adjust to a different color or style. Just like with any accessory that's different.


WIGgIT: Why should people watch your channel?

Miss Carly: My goal is to empower and inspire women to be their best selves. I want my channel to be a vehicle for spreading the word of positivity and to bring women together. We need to be assured that being our true selves is so important. You do you, and forget about the rest. When I see other women feeling good about themselves, it genuinely makes me happy and my channel is all about spreading those good vibes. Because when everyone is being their best self, they are not only doing themselves a favor, but, the entire world a favor. No one is guaranteed tomorrow, so, why not feel YOUR Best today?

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December 21, 2018

What a great interview! Miss Carly is my FAVORITE Youtuber! So fun, positive, and genuine! I’ve become a daily wig wearer after watching her channel. I have Alopecia, but have learned to feel beautiful in wigs.

Just Keto Jenn

February 01, 2019

I love Miss Carly’s channel on Youtube ..she is truly amazing and inspiring! Thanks to her I now wear wigs to work daily and I probably own about seven wigs! She is so vivacious and has such a great spirit! This is a wonderful interview with her!

Aida vega

February 26, 2019

This is a great interview, wigs are my life saver when you want to transform in just a minute i love them !


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